SALLOW – I: The Great Work 12inch

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Sick Man Getting Sick Records /// SIM024
Release date: December 16, 2016

Transparent red vinyl

A1 | Naked In Moonlit Bliss, Drunk On Fire | 08:21
A2 | Awaiting Black Flames | 06:12
B1 | Nocturnal Reprieve | 07:09
B2 | Der Winter Kalt | 10:10


#usblackmetal #atmosphericblackmetal

Review –

Out of the cold, dark, depths of the Appalachian Valley Pine Brush emerges one of black metals ever growing bands SALLOW, although formed in 2013 and with 2 demos later they are finally releasing the first of three The Great Work. Perfecting the classic freezing foggy “trve kvlt” sound the early nineties Norway produced, but also using elements of more modern atmospheric and melodic black metal sounds giving the music characteristics and provoking untouched feelings, instantly attracting any fan of black metal.

The first song off this musical masterpiece is "Naked In Moonlit Bliss, Drunk On Fire". Starting off the song with a slow, doomy but emotional guitar riff that surprisingly sounds both soothing and dark. The band then quickly transitions back to the misty, dark sound. Coming to a halt and having a moment of reminiscence before thrashing the listeners with fast paced drumming and echoing frazzling screams. The band’s guitars then ring out but what follows is an incredible tremolo riff that begins to amp the listener before hammering the audience once again with fast drums and evil screams. The band slows the pace right down with a very smooth, groovy section before finishing of this first song with Kotgott, The Cynic’s soloing guitars then simply ringing out.

Another breath-taking track off The Great Work is the track placed second, "Awaiting Black Flames". Starting this track off with thrash style drums and yet again another amazing example of perfect black metal tremolo picking, the song then rings out after the band furiously batter their way through the ear drums, to then play a very slow calming melodic section with very beautiful guitars while Edimmus’s heavy bass tone working perfectly in harmony. SALLOW then begin to play another incredible guitar riff that instantly wakes the mind up, creating a complete feeling of awe before Pugna’s blast beats then joins the sound and just simply adds to experience. This song then ends on an acoustic riff which just tops off the song pleasantly.

The last song on this release is titled "Der Winter Kalt" being the longest song coming in at a mighty 10 minutes and 7 seconds. The song begins with an impressive emotion provoking guitar riff and fast double bass which creates an epic sounding beginning to this master piece. The song then takes a different turn with slow, tranquil drums and inspirational guitar solos. The band then bring back the attention on the double bass and heavy distortion this then continues right up to the ending with the track fading out.

SALLOW‘s I: The Great Work is the first part of a USBM trilogy that is set to be released on the 16th of December 2016 on Sick Man Getting Sick Records. The formats for this release will be on CD and LP. If you like trilogies and black metal then SALLOW is definitely one to watch out for. Judging from the perfect blend of tradition heavy and fast black metal with sections of uniqueness, from slow doomy sounds and just plain grooves it’s got it all, and this is only part one.

Rating: 8/10