This is RUMINANT from Portland, Oregon. While the guitars roar, the drums resound and the throat fills with anger, we build while we destroy. Emotions drive sound, sound powers the heart and the heart bellows from within. Caterwauling, grief, and anxiety are heard chewing on grit and dirt from the mouth of the void. Frustration leaves a taste on the lips. We love you and we welcome you. Join us, take our hands, and be our friends.

HULDREKALL is a 3 piece Cascadian Black Metal band formed in Seattle, WA in 2010 before relocating to Olympia, WA in 2012. The sound of HULDREKALL is very aggressive and reminiscent of 2nd wave black metal bands, however it is not easy to draw particular comparisons to any specific groups as many elements of Crust Punk, Prog / Kraut Rock, Dark Ambient and Neo-Folk are incorporated, sometimes all within the same track.

STORM OF SEDITION Amoral, anti-humanist, and individualist. An expression of our rejection of this world of domination and slavery, our hatred of civilization, and our desire for anarchy.

ABKEHR Raw and atmospheric Black Metal band from Germany finished their first full length album “In Feuer”, which will be the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut EP “In Asche”, released in May 2017 by Sentient Ruin Laboratories (US) and Sick Man Getting Sick Records (EU).

NOVEMTHREE Crafting gently dark and dreamlike tunes of psychedelic-fringed folk music with verses inspired by a longing for a connection with Nature, the sense of solitude and peace in the vastness of the cosmos, meandering reflections on life and loss.

Born from the depths of the 2020 frustration, FROST, PISSE & ELEND rises to oppose the right wing scum more and more present in recent blackmetal. Keeping the noise loud, we bring back punk attitude to blackmetal.
Pissed vocals meet harsh guitars and driving drums in a rough mix of anger, frustration and anti-fascist thoughts. We cry out to raise your voice - tell Nazis to piss off! Let's stay the ground in our beloved subculture, everybody else fuck off.