SANGRE DE MUERDAGO ‎– Lembranzas Dende O Lado Salvaxe CD


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Darkfolk Organisation ‎/// DRKFLK03
Release Date: March 23, 2017


1 | A Xustiza Pola Man | 7:14
2 | Saudades | 4:10
3 | Unha Ofrenta De Ósos | 6:31
4 | 53º 40,6 N 008º 06,3 E | 4:09
5 | O Cabalo Negro | 5:27
6 | As Sendas De Monfero | 5:17
7 | Adeus Ós Dias Dourados | 7:06
8 | O Canto Dos Busgosos | 3:50


#forestfolk #darkfolk #psychedelicfolk

Review –

2015 was a very busy year for Pablo Ursusson and Galician neo folk group SANGRE DE MUERDAGO. They issued a combined release with American kindred spirits NOVEMTHREE called "Braided Paths" to which they contributed 4 tracks; released a two track EP "Nas fragas do Río Eume"; contributed a hitherto unreleased number for a neo folk compilation called "Places"; and were no doubt busying themselves preparing for their 2015 full length release. This compilation gathers all 7 of these tracks and adds in a "bonus" cut to sweeten their clay pot.

In spite of its scattered origins, this is a cohesive work that could serve as an introduction to the group as well as to a newer more accessible and much more succinct sound and style. It is here that comparisons to a similarly prolific Italian group CORDE OBLIQUE become unavoidable. The heartfelt plucking on classical guitar, plaintive strings and neo classical meets folk melodies all approach the mood and timbre of Ricardo Principe's ethereal folk project.

Three numbers eclipse almost everything they had hitherto performed. "A Xustiza Pola Man" is divine, constructing and deconstructing a Celtic melody in vertiginous fashion, with subtle accompanying vocal harmonies. "O Cabalo Negro" recycles a blueprint from earlier albums but with more self assurance and with an energy that was previously in short supply. Even the recorder (or whistle) solo that forms the coda seems to have undergone productive therapy sessions, for it knows itself. The closer "O Canto dos Busgosos" was previously unreleased in any form, and is really a departure for the group, yet well within the parameters of their anarchic structure. It's an instrumental in the Galician tradition in which the violins morph into their more down-home cousins. I'm not sure how distinguished this reckless instrumental would sound surrounded by others of its ilk but here the effect is magical and a brilliant way to close the album, as it dances its way off the stage in a flourish of creativity. In between, the other pieces are all excellent, even the hurdy gurdy dominated "As Sendas de Monfero", which is whisked along by mesmerized strummed guitars that offer a base for the traditional instrument to drone on and on and on as drones do.

The album title translates to "Souvenirs From The Wild Side", reflecting the band's connection to the natural beauty of their homeland and the varied lineage of its contents. Otherwise it's far more mild than wild, but no less potent. 4.5 /5